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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: Patrice ,


Having seen quite a lot of Ipad with broken touch screen I can say that I don't see anything unusual there.(or mayby I'm tired now!). No trace of any glue holding together  the touch screen and the LCD.

What I can say is that it's a real Ipad 2 screen (I recognize in the first photo in the "hole" the good quality yellow metal connectors used for both touch screen and LCD. It's  cheaper but lower quality connectors for Ipad 3 or 4).

What is interesting is that the corner near the impact point seems in good condition. Possibly , the Ipad was protected in a dedicated case when it felt down!

Removing a broken touch screen is really a matter of patience! Apple uses a very efficient double sided black  tape and it is better to have a hot air solder unit . Even like this you can spend 45 minutes if not 1 hour as you must be careful not to cut any connector ribbon nor to break the LCD. (the only connector you can cut without any problem is the touch screen one ;) )

And after having being removed the broken touch screen you will have to clean the case in order to prepare to put a new touch screen (removing very small parts of the former touch screen, some double sided tap pieces, and some glue left by the tap on the case) . Don’t forget to remove before the LCD unit and to put it in a safe location (and protected from dust)

“Bon courage”