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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: Owen Cunneely ,


Did you consider cleaning anything before plugging the magsafe in to charge the laptop? The flowing liquid is only half the problem when it comes to spilling something on your computer. The deposits that are left behind, even after weeks of drying, can still be enough to short out components and render a MB useless until board level repair can be performed. From what it sounds like, something on your board definitely did short out and will need to be repaired. Your magsafe board sounds like it is working perfectly fine, especially if it is is indicating the charge state of the computer. This would suggest something outside the onewire circuit on your board is causing the issues.

Pictures of the areas you refer to as having "small burn/fry mark(s)" may be helpful, and one step you could try is removing the logic board and giving it a good clean down in either an ultrasonic bath, if you have one, or a soft brush and 91% or higher isopropyl.

It would be good to take detailed photos of the board before you do any such cleaning. While removing corrosion can sometimes get a board working (sometimes for the rest of that devices life, sometimes for a few weeks... water damage can strike at any time), if it doesn't, it's good to have pictures to provide a clue as to what components may need to be replaced later on. Once you remove signs of corrosion, it's just like cleaning up the blood at a crime scene, and it may be hard to figure out what happened later on if you chose to repair the board yourself or send it to get repaired.

So, remove the board...


...take pictures (especially if you see any marks that look out of the ordinary), and then clean it. If that fixes your problem, fantastic, it may last forever, it may not. If it doesn't, look into performing a board level repair or having one done by a professional (or get a new logic board).

If the magsafe board is bad, replacing it will probably damage even more of the main board if it isn't already damaged.

Hope this helps.