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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: Purpleghost980 ,


As i am reading I see alot of the same issues and seems like no one knows how to answer a question without going in circles, and repeating the same issue:

here we go:

updated against my will to windows 10

1T ext HDD WD1300 drivers and firmware upsated

worked fine, until a few days agao within hours!

HDD in a protected space on my desk, always "ejected media" correctly

i do notice the cable is kinked (leading to a data cable issue)

makes the DING noise to recognize device also asks to safley remove HDD when i dismount

shows only in Device manager does not show in my PC

in Disc management it shows a RED X  and drive not initialized

have tried to initialize as i am upset and just want to fix this thing. dont work!

today attemp 7/30/2016

i do not hear the dive spinning... now what?