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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: Michael Magee ,


My iMac aluminum keyboard just went bad from humidity, I'm assuming. So I pulled out the aluminum keyboard (exact same style) from my older iMac and that has the same problem: Won't type spaces, Tab, caps, and I get pairings of letters: hj, ui, etc. So, just for giggles,I  hooked up a $20.00 Logitech wireless keyboard from one of my PC's. Works great. I hate the feel of the iMac keyboards and their oversensitivity anyway. If it keeps working I'll probably just leave it. I've had several of the aluminum iMac keyboards go bad over the years (never from spilling liquids, just use and humidity) and the only fix is to drive 1 ½ hours to Apple and get a new keyboard. Sometimes free, mostly $100.00. Getting tired of how delicate their products are...... Simple, inexpensive fix (I'm using it to type this answer): Logitech $20.00 wireless keyboard with USB key. Try it. So much better feel too.