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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: knowididnot ,


I'm returning mine back to Costco along with the ink I had bought for it. The HP printer I had before this died the same way: Print-head failure. I believe the print-head problems are related to another issue people have with HP printers. And that would be the wasted ink by the printer when you are not even printing.

Every once in a while you hear the machine just going to town all by itself. Those sounds are from the printer shooting ink through the print-head to keep it clean. '''(WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?)''' Not only does this make the ink cartridges run out prematurely, it also eventually damages the print-head. "How does it damage it?" you might ask. Well, open up the cover and light the inside bottom with a flashlight. You will probably see splattered and pools of ink. That probably has something to do with what became of your print-head.

So why would I go through all the effort and wait to get another, possibly refurbished  printer, mailed to me that will end up doing the same thing. And this time no longer having the option to return it for my money back. HP has to really find a better way to keep their print-heads running other than continually running ink through it.