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Correct orientation of the backlight LED ribbon to the LCD board


I am replacing the LCD screen on my 2011 MBA 13".  I removed it last month and had to wait until now beforeI could install the new one.  Problem is, I forgot the orientation of the backlight LED ribbon into the circuit board of the LCD.  I installed it the way that was easiest and made sense, but the backlight doesn't turn on when I power on the MBA.  The screen works, but no backlight.  Installing the cable the other direction seems almost impossible, so before I go risking damaging the ribbon, I was hoping to get some verification on the orientation of it.  There are two white stripes towards the end of the ribbon.  Right now I have those stripes facing down (towards the circuit board).  Is this the correct way?  I'm sort of hoping it's not since it would mean I damaged something if it is.


MacBook Air 13" Mid 2011