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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: John ,


I have a Maytag four door with the same problem, but I don't think the brand is important.

What matters is the location of the cooling fan. Mine is at the very bottom and you have to leave a space behind the refrigerator to allow the fan to do its job. Poor design in my opinion.

I've had the refrigerator in the same place for over two years without a problem but then decided to push it against the wall to give more room in the kitchen. After that I had water freezing in the bottom of the freezer.

I don't know if it would eventually clear itself if you just pull it about 2" to 3" from the wall or not. You might try it, but expect it to take at least a week to melt all the ice.

Some people asked how to get to the drain. It's not easy!!!

Remove everything from inside; door, upper and lower baskets, slides, and the back wall. Behind that is the evaporator and under it is the drain plug. Remove the majority of the ice manually and then place a fan to blow at the evaporator coils until everything is DRY.

Put everything back and make sure there is at least a two inch gap to the wall. Should be fine then.

Another thing. The condenser coils should be clean too. Mine are on the bottom so they get dirty easily. I had to put boards between the bottom of the refrigerator and the wall, about 2' to 2-1/2' long, and tilt it back. I placed automotive Jack stands under the front to keep it tilted. Then I used a vacuum to clean the coils.

This is a dangerous operation so be careful. You don't want the refrigerator to fall on its back if you tilt it too far or, even worse, fall on you. Could be DEADLY!!!