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I finally did it after giving up looking for a guide. I didn't create a break-down but I'll give a few pointers. Difficulty was moderate, must pay close attention to small details to complete properly.

-Break down the phone so the battery, vibrator, and motherboard is out.

-Start by gently prying on the bottom of the headphone jack until it comes out of it's space. Once the headphone jack is out, one should be able to easily discern the ribbons, where they are going and how to route the new ribbon cables.

-Now that the headphone jack is out, proceed to remove the 5 screws holding down the silent switch as well as the volume keys. The volume keys have a plastic black sticky cover that can be reused which i would recommend doing. Also, take note of the metal cover over the silent switch mechanism. It can only be reassembled a certain way so pay attention to what your doing.

-Since the ribbons and jack should be freed now, begin separating the metal pieces that must be reused on the new jack and ribbon.

-Reassembly was easiest for me by starting with the volume keys first. Slowly applying the sticky portions of the ribbons is also ideal. Remember to refer back to your old ribbon and jack to get an idea of how to bend the cables. Anyways, best of luck.