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Hi   I don't have an answer.  I'm also getting a 'print-head error' but the main problem with this printer, is that the wireless connectivity is incredibly sporadic.  It sometimes works just after I turn on my laptop, and switch on the printer.  If I don't use the printer right away, it will almost never work.

Strange, that the problem has become worse the longer I've had the printer.

I'd mad at myself for having recently purchased extra boxes of ink.  Ink for a printer that doesn't work, and which I will probably throw in the garbage.  Will presumably throw out $100 worth of ink at the same time.

Going on HP's web-site, they of course do not acknowledge that the connectivity is crap.  I guess I also would not admit it, if I was HP.  I can't be bothered sending it back for a replacement.  My time is worth more than the price of the lousy (literally) printer.  Hence, the trip to the garbage bin.