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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: HidanLT ,


Ok guys look. I finally found the solution. I don't know will it work for everyone but try. So when you do factory reset you need to choose language and there is accessibility (hope i spelled it right) setting. So go to  accessibility settings. Vision-> Text to speech options-> Select Google text to speech press little cog wheel buttong next to Google text to speech option -> Install Voice Data -> 3 little dots in top right corner -> Open Source Licenses and at the top find 2001 link http://hts.sp.nitech.ac.jp/ so double click that and copy link and press little search button in top right corner and it will ask you to use chrome or internet so press Internet and it will take you to that link. Then press 3 little dots in top right corner again  -> Settings ->  Manage Accounts -> Samsung account. Done! P.S READ THIS!! You can use any samsung account if you want. I created new account and logged in with new account and that's it. Go back and go forward where you need to login to samsung account and use the one you used to login in Internet browser. Good luck ! :)