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GENERALASTION FOR MOST MODELS AND BRANDS OF WASHERS. NOT MODEL OR BRAND SEPECIFIC! f your washer drains all the water out before it starts to spin then when its time for it to spin the water out of the clothes and it spins but still leaves the clothes heavy with water and dripping

Then the belt maybe worn/stretched and not adequately getting all the water out of the clothes due to slipping. The heavier the load the less effective a worn belt or motor is.  In some cases it may not spin at all or irractically. Worst case scenario the motors wore out and result is the same.  Heavy or dripping with water clothes. With power cord unplugged remove belt.  Use caution when working on machine there are lots of sharp edges and hardware. If the belt comes off very easily most likely the belt is your problem . or if belts inside edge is glossy, cracked, frayed, or looks burnt looking. Then try a new belt. ( important you use exact replacement belt. Do not improvise. To tight a belt will burn up motor to loose and it still wont spin out water). If it were the pump it wouldnt drain or pump water out of the tub.  In that case the pump or lines in or out of pump may be blocked with a small clothing item or sludgeblocked . remove clamps from hose lines and take off hoses and check for blockage or clothing( prepare for water spillage wih towels and be sure water inlet lines are cut off and electrical plug is disconnected) , then remove pump look in water hose necks for clothing*stuck in impeller blades. Some models you can remove impeller from pump. If so do that and check for blockage and remove if any found. If not carefully  pull clothing out with needle nose pliers. Be sure impeller turns freely then reassemble in reverse.  Before reassemblying panels mop up or towel up water spillage.  This makes it easier to spot leaks and to avoid shock hazard . Now turn on water inlets , reinsert drainhose in drain line, and plug in Power cord. Next test for leaks by test running machine on small load. If no leaks replace panels