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disabled apple iPhone 5s


Greetings. I am new to this cellphone repair business. It is a hobby I took on to supplement my retirement pension income. One reason was because I took my iPhone 4s in to a repair tech 4 times for a mic repair. After 4 attempts at the repair, they finally told me the parts were out of stock. As I had the opportunity to watch the repair process, I decided to order parts from eBay and do my own repair. FYI, I am a very proficient diy person so I felt confident in my ability to do this repair. Successfully. Here is my question. My neighbour gave me his iPhone 5s to look at. His grandson tried to use it and screwed up the password. Now it is disabled and suggests trying again in 24 million minutes. Is this repairable? My neighbour is not the original owner of the iPhone. eBay purchase. It worked well when he first bought it. Any and all suggestions appreciated. Best regards, Lorne.


iPhone 5s