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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: Carlos Ferrari ,


2012 MacBook Pro stopped working


Ok I've got this 2012 MacBook Pro that somewhat turns on, fan runs heavy, battery seems to be charging (charger leds and battery leds work), front led lights up but laptop doesn't chimes and screen keeps black.

Screen has no cracks or scratches, laptop wasn't water damaged or impact damaged.

I cleaned everything with isopropyl anyway: all contacts, whole logic board (both sides), replaced thermal paste, etc.

Also tried 3 different sets of 2x2gb ram and 2 different HDDs too.

Disconnected battery and tried turning it on with charger only (60w charger). Also considered replacing battery but if it doesn't work with charger only (battery disconnected) might rule it out? :-)

Oh and it doesn't boot from USB, doesn't boot on safe mode or verbose mode. But took a DVD in and seemed to run it but now won't eject it (it was a movie DVD instead of OS X DVD unfortunately)

To be honest I did it all very quickly and plant to have another look tomorrow after work but has anyone got any ideas you might suggest me to try? I feel this laptop is salvageable but I'm feeling a bit lost here :P

Any suggestion would be very appreciated :-)



MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Mid 2012