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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: mark Andrews ,


OK, when i hear people say they took something to the Apple Store I cringe. It's in he title folks, "Store" you know that area in the back? with he geniuses ( they prefer to be called service techs by the way) well that back area is just stock. You wasted your time and effort by going to an Apple store because is just a show room floor. Now if customers were a bi smarter and listened, I always say "i'll povide you with up to 3 Apple Auhroized service providers, the are flexable can see you the same day and go buy Apple's guidelines"

did you know that your item isnt fixed at the ars did you know that they say they order the parts but times out of 10 they just send it to the depot and have it repaired there and then shipped back? if you own a watch they offer you this by default.

and im not saying anything that isnt anything i  havent said while assisting my customers .i love my customers, but the stupidest hing you can do is go to an apple retail store 1) packed 2) YOU WILL LEAVE YOUR MACBOOK THERE BECAUES IT WONT BE THERE IT WILL BE SENT TO A SERVICE DEPOT

3) you have to wait if you walk in for a couple hours. 4) geniuses have no diffferent tools than what we have here over phone or chat.

Now if you want to do anything with apple becuase "scurred " of he evil aasps and yes that is valid ive seen one aasp rip off a poor old lady asking if she could fx her computerand for some reaon she uploaded the receipt and these jerks charged her 200 bucks 100 for labor, yes labor, and they didnt even bother to give her more ram, it wasthe same measilly four gigs. so i helped her out showed her this site, then showed her amazon in uk, and she was shocked o say the least.

ill go back and read the rest of your post, but im goig to have to  stop what im doing and when i read   " i toook to an apple retail store. ill have to stop." because its so stuipd if you listen to use ew can offer 3 aasp and you can BARgin with them. and they go by our warrranies and iwll usually offer same day service.