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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: Charles Ogletree ,


Fixed mine, it is a 5 or 6 year old counter depth kitchenaid that has had this problem since new.

I tried posting this as a comment, but can't find it. Not a blogger! So here I go again.

The short story is level it from side to side and tilt it to the rear. But if your fridge is iced up you must completely thawed it first. Why? Because theoreticly, the reason the water is getting to the bottom of the freezer is because the drain hole in the drain pan is frozen over and will not thaw during defrost, due to excessive ice buildup. When a freezer of this design is leaning left or right the water from defrosting remains on the left or right instead of going out the drain which is in the middle of the pan. This pan is only about .25 in. Deep at the front. Water left standing after defrost refreezes and grows with each subsequent defrost causing drain to freeze shut and water to run over the pan and into the freezer compt. Leaning to the rear slightly is because the pan is deeper at the rear. These theories and conclusions are my own, all I can say for certain is it worked for me. I hope it helps others.