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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: George A. ,


I'm far from a professional repairman, and my knowledge of tech repair is probably less than 1% of the Greybeards like @oldturkey03 and @mayer, but as one enthusiast to another, I like the challenge of finding stuff out and figuring what's wrong. For example, if I had a phone that didn't power on (maybe a galaxy note 3), I would check for water damage, fried components, research on the internets to find error codes, anything at all. What many people don't realize is what they would do without the internet. Remember this: FIGURE IT OUT! What if there where no repair shops, internet, people that know how to do it? And know for some good advice that totally counterdicts that last sentence: You can always rely on us folks at ifixit to give you a wealth of repair answers, and we can fix. We can fix it, ba, ba bum, bum bum ba bum! (We are farmers/We can fix it, get it?)