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You need to down load to your computer a software name debloater and then down load the ADB files. you can find them at Junky.com.


1.  make sure you fone is connected to the wifi.

2.  turn off your phone

3.  put your phone on down load mode. (by pressing power botton + volume down + home key) all at the same time.

4. Connect fone to computer using the usb cable. this will down load the usb drivers.

5. Once the usb drivers have been installed put the fone into the secondary reboot (by pressing power botton + down and up volume + home key) all at the same time.

6. You will be prompt to five options but before you chose the option with the debug mode which is option five you need to run the debloater.  After debloater is open then chose the option five or the one that contain the debugging mode in you fone.  Next press the home botton.

7. Wait till the fone reboot.  the an window asking for permission will appear just ok.

8. Go to the debloater and read the files.

9. filter for setup

10. check mark Samsung setup and wizard setup

11. Apply

12. your fone will reboot again and now you can have a great day.