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About to replace screen/digitzier - sleep/wake sensor


I'm about to replace my wife's iPad Mini 4 LTE's LCD/digitizer (fused). The guide says to remove the connector with 6 solder pads on it, the home button, and some posts talk about a component that affects the sleep/wake function of the iPad.

Appreciate any help with some concerns:

1.) The 6 pads that need to be desoldered and resoldered, is it better to release it with a heat gun or use a soldering iron and peel it slowly away?

2.) How do I know if the replacement screen/digitizer has the component needed for the sleep/wake function

3.) Should the replacement not have it, what does the component look like and how do we remove it? Soldering Iron? Heat Gun?

Thank you all! (m  _   _  m) (kneeling)


iPad mini 4 LTE