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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: Dadamyu Yulan ,


I fix my phone. I accidentally drop it on my sink. 5 seconds and I got it up, I was reckless don't know what to do.

My screen glitch like blackening out then lights up sometimes. Showing that LCD works, touchpad also works and the problem was water inside the phones (blackboard, system chips and etc.)

I almost lost my mind into buying another phone? Or going to a technician. Then I go to a technician and he wants to charge me a fortune, I let him see the phone and said that he's gonna replace the LCD, but it isn't the problem. I frankly tell him "please if your not gonna fix my phone, don't be so oppurtunate. My phones problem isn't LCD dmgs" and he goes silent.

So here's how I fix my phone, so my phone is glitching and I know that LCD isn't a problem. I try to play music, by instinct in touching my phone while it was black. Then sometimes my phone get a little glimpse of pictures of what I am doing. So there, I play music and let the phone be for like 5 hours. *I already wipe the water on the phones inside but couldn't open the phones blackboard. So my instinct tells me, let the phone heat up with music/videos playing. And it works, my phone is working fine, not a day of passing by. The problem is solve.

Tips for wet phones

*know the real deal like -LCD dmgs, m'board/systemchips dmgs, touchpad dmgs or glitching screen.

*keep calm, search for help. A friend or anyone who knows what to do.