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Hello Jerlphil

How has your day / night been?

Slow start up and wake up can be cause by one or more of the following problems

*  Not enough memory (RAM)

* Lots of programs starting with the computer
* Thermal throttling (running to hot)
* Damaged hard drive

== Not enough memory (RAM) ==

How much memory is installed? You can find this out by following this guide.

# '''Click Start''' then right click on '''Computer'''
# A menu will pop up. Click on '''Properties'''. This will open your systems basic information page.
# If you look under the heading '''Installed memory (RAM)''' it should list how much memory is installed in GB. I recommend minimum of 4GB now days.

== Lots of programs starting with the computer ==

You can use a program call ccleaner to see what is starting with your computer following this guide.

# First download ccleaner portable from [https://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/download/portable|here.]
# Once downloaded extracted all of the files by right clicking on the zip file and clicking extract all.
# Run the file called CCleaner
# Once ccleaner is running click on '''tools''' on the left hand side then '''startup'''. This is a list of all of the programs that start when your computer starts. Most of the time you can disable most of these without any trouble.

== Thermal throttling (running to hot) ==

When computer CPU chips get to hot the slow down to prevent damage by heat. Feel under the laptop. Does it get very hot when running? You can use [http://openhardwaremonitor.org/|Open Hardware Monitor] to check temps.

You can use a cool pad that allows more air to get into the bottom of the laptop if you are having heat problems.

== Damaged hard drive ==

Over time of using your computer your hard drive (where all of your data is stored) can wear or become damaged. We can use a program to test some of these problems. Not all hard drive problems can be tested with software.

You can use a program called [http://www.hdsentinel.com/download.php|hdsentinel] to check the health of your hard drive. if you find your hard rive is damaged I recommend cloning to a new one ASAP.