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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: Rear Admiral ,


I have a waterproofed iPod for swimming, and when it works it's absolutely fantastic.  After swimming I always unplug the headphones from the headphone jack and thoroughly rinse all components fresh water, ensuring fresh water gets into the headphone jack.  I do this by fully submerging it in a jar filled with fresh water, then rotating the whole jar several times.

Unfortunately it has stopped working, where I've had the unit replaced twice, where I'm now on my 3rd unit.  When it was last working, it seemed to be some sort of problem with the headphone jack, because when I jiggled the headphone plug around a little, the music would start, but then shut off after a few seconds.

What "Imported" has mentioned here sounds like a really good idea:


But I'm wondering how there might be some way to get the unit to start working again?  Also, when I plug it into my Laptop via a USB Port, iTunes doesn't recognise the device (nor does my Laptop).