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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: oldturkey03 ,


looks like tamper-resistant torx in the 5 lobed variety. These are and have been commonly used on many of the European cars in various applications such as motor, brakes, lights and interior trim. These should be about the right dimension and can give you an idea which size you might be looking for. The screws that Apple installed on the iPhone 4 is T1

Size Inch point to point [in] Metric point to point [mm]

T1 .031 .81

T2 .036 .93

T10 .107 2.74

T15 .128 3.27

T20 .151 3.86

Looks like very limited availability :) http://www.traderscity.com/board/product...-1/offers-to-sell-and-export-1/offer-zhida-brand-star-bit-tamper-torx-bits-security-bit-5-point-star-6point-torx-95182/

and http://www.8starshop.com/en/12-in-1-computer-phone-tool-repair-screw-drivers-set.html

Good luck and do not forget to change the screws to something a little more manageable....