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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: oldturkey03 ,


Here you go very

1.you need to jack the car up so you can take the passenger tire off. align the crank timing mark to top dead center with the front timing belt cover.

2. you need to loosen the crank bolt with am impact wrench, or secure the flywheel and lossen the crank bolt .

3. you need a 10mm short 1/4 inch socket/or wrench inch to loosen the (4) water pump nuts.

4. I now recommend u loosen the alternator, you do not need to remove it.

5. if you have air-conditioning..i suggest u leave it on. remove the belt

6. powersteering can be loosened as well,

7. once you remove the crank pulley.you can take the 10 mm blots out of the timing belt/water pump covers.You will also need to support the engine and remove the upper passenger side motor mount.

8. You will now see the timing belt. You need to remove it by loosening the tension pulley (14 mmm bolt) .You should make sure the crank is tdc. But you just need to make sure that when you re-install the new timing belt(which you better do when you do a water pump)...,make sure the exhaust and intake cam shaft pulleys are aligned.(exhaust pulley is front side of car, intake is rear.)(e-for exhaust,i -for intake....they're aligned at center of each other (center of engine). remove timing belt now

9. remove (5) 12 mm bolts from water pump. clean surface.

10. re-install in complete reverse order. I do recommend you use a black rtv gasket sealer on your water pump gasket. Start with taking your two belts off, remove motor mount, remove power steering pump, crank pulley,next remove timing belt covers along with tensioners. Remove valve cover. timing belt tensioner, now you have access to the water pump. remember your timing marks before you remove. When installing timing belt hold camshafts with vise grips to align. installation opposite of removal.

What I would further suggest is that you get a Haynes repair mannaul that will show you more detailed instructions as well as photos to help you with that. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_QfsWd379A will show a 1996 but it helps to familiarize yourself with what is involved....Good Luck