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Did you try to root the device and something happened during the rooting process? Or was it a failed software update? In any case, I would say the software has become corrupted causing the boot up failure you're experiencing. You could try performing a factory reset from the recovery menu to see if it fixes your boot issue.

Doing a factory reset '''will''' '''completely ''' '''delete ''' '''everything ''' '''stored ''' '''on ''' '''the ''' '''phone ''' , so hopefully you've backed that stuff up on a memory card where it's safe and sound! If that doesn't fix the problem then you'll probably need to reinstall the Samsung firmware.  Here's how you get into the recovery menu...

== Keys Combination to Enter Recovery Mode ==

'''Step 1 – Turn OFF your Galaxy S Duos'''.

'''Step 2 – Switch ON the phone while pressing and holding Volume Down + Volume Up + Home + Power buttons together'''.

Once in the recovery menu, use the "'''Volume Down'''" button and select "'''wipe data/factory reset'''" then press "'''Power'''" button to select. Next, scroll to the "'''Yes wipe all data/factory reset'''" or something similar & then press "'''Power'''" button to start the process. Once complete select "'''Reboot Device'''".  The first boot after a factory reset can take up to ten minutes so be patient!