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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: Arunkumar Balakrishnan ,


Recognizes on Desktop but doesn't copy a lot of files


I've had this external drive for close to two years. Recently, two falls onto linoleum floors, but I haven't heard anything clatter inside the drive. This happened close to a month ago, after which my friend borrowed the drive and she said it was very slow to recognize on her laptop. So, here's the problem.

1. It does not recognize on my laptop at all. There's ample power coming through the USB port, and there's nothing even signifying that there's a device connected to it.

2. It recognizes on a desktop that I use everyday, but it doesn't copy more than 150-200 MB at a time. It starts the copying at around 15-20 MB/s, but then just shuts down. I've tried this on Windows 10, both the laptop and desktop.

3. Anything beyond that, the files all appear, but there's no copying that can be done until I remove the drive and reconnect it.

The copying in point 2 isn't enough for me to salvage all the data, since there are hundreds of files there that are well beyond that file size.

Can I connect this to a desktop and see if the problem is the USB port? I have read reviews where it says that the USB port of this particular model can be loosened easily, making connection difficult. But from the videos that I've seen online so far, there doesn't seem to be any SATA ports on this particular model.

I'd appreciate any help with this matter, since a lot of that data is irreplaceable. Thanks everyone.


WD My Passport Ultra 2TB