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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: Peter ,


Resolved:  Bad Memory Modules Installed.

This makes the second time I've bought and installed bad RAM.  After removing the recently installed memory I've been restarting without issue.

Initially four of the six DIMM risers with memory installed were showing as being empty.  Troubleshooting, I tried moving memory, by pair, switching order, and between cards.  I was surprised at the results.  A pair could return an error led pending the slot yet be fine in the same place on the other card, or if their order was reversed.  Also surprising was the fluctuation of memory recognized - even with two (a pair) of 4 GB modules returning between 1 GB and and 8 GB.

Unable to fix the situation, I replaced the memory with 6 new 2 GB modules. "About this Mac/System Report/Memory" recognized them so I assumed they were fine.  Following a suggestion I tried removing them and it's as though I've got a new computer and have no issues.  All the troubleshooting I did trying to fix it has paid off.

I'd still like to up my memory but since I've tried twice now, both times supposedly with "Apple Approved" and for my model, I'm a bit leery.