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What I have done is more of a bandage than a true fix of the issue but after researching the subject, this was the best solution to keep my computer running for as long as possible without doing any major surgery to the motherboard and graphics card.

Download gFx CardStatus v 1.8.1, I know there is a newer version out there, but this one seems to work best for me. Every time I start my computer I make sure that the app is enabled and force my computer into Intel Only mode. I have issues when it is in the dynamic switching or Nvidia modes.

I am able to still perform all of the functions that I originally used the computer for, granted I never used it for video/photo editing.

Again, this is not a permanent fix. However, it does help get a bit more longevity out of the computer.

This is actually a very disappointing defect from Apple and hope in the future they consider higher quality components and improved structural design.