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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: Kevin Luxon ,


WATER DAMAGE 911,  First thing YOU MUST DO is remove the battery "if not built in" then  immediately use a VACUUM and SUCK the moisture out. This is the most effective way to remover moisture.

Create a seal using your fingers for more suction.

Apply in 3.5mm jack and ALL PORTS.

Do NOT attempt to attach the battery for 24 hours. You can plug in a charger without the battery to see if it powers up. However, I would wait 24 hours if possible. I'm guilty of plugging power into the phone to test after a few hours and it worked every time. However, I NEVER put the battery in until 24 hours later to see if any bloating of the battery wrap shows. If so, dispose of the battery properly and buy a new on.

Good luck. Kevin Luxon