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If you want a true reboot, you'll want to unplug your LT20 or KAV60 from the power supply. Secondly, remove the battery from the bottom using the two little slide switches near each end of the battery. Once you're done unplugging AC adaptor power, AND you have removed the battery, turn it over and press the start button 3 or 4 times. What you are doing is depleting all residual energy from memory modules and other items inside the computer case. Once you've done this, you may put the battery back in, as well as re-attach the AC adaptor cord to the right hand side of the LT20, or KAV60.  Now, you may start the computer knowing you have just done a complete and clean reboot.  This is different than just having a program ask you if you want to reboot from perhaps a driver installation, or an update or anything. Those would more than likely be considered warm reboots, but information could still be retained in memory, maybe malware commands, and virus type things.  Having a clean reboot prevents that.