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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: Sara Cozad ,


Fixing a magenta Screen


This is for a Samsung Galaxy S3 (i couldnt choose that model). Id been having some screen issues with my screen not wanting to respond off and on for sometime. But yesterday I had put my phone in my sons stroller and there was a very lil bit of seiarra mist on the bottom. I didnt realize it but when I checked the phone the charge port was dry and the liquid damage indicator hasnt changed. Well my hone was working for a few hour after. I gave my phone to my husband to hole and when i took it back and tried to unlock the screen it turned magenta. I cant see anything. I pulled battery and restarted the phone that way. Still magenta. The phone itself sees to work as it booted and indicated I had an email even tho I couldnt see anything. So I put it in rice jus to see what would happen. My husband put it together and it  came on normaly (showed the samsung screen) and went magenta again. What in the world is going on and how do I fix it?


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