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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: Mandy king ,


RCA products are junk!  I have 3 of their tablets and the screen stopped responding to touch on all of them. I also paid $100 for a duel screen DVD/TV combo that worked for 6 days!  I contacted the manufacturer for my warranty and of course they never responded. The store wouldn't return it or exchange it either.  It will come on and play for maybe 2 minutes and then it shuts off.  I'm highly !#^&@@ about it since it was purchased for my child who enjoyed having a tv in the truck but days later it gets taken away because the manufacturer sold us junk.  Very disappointing for a child and the parent that forked out $100 and received $10 worth of product. RCA has been sold off to another company who refuses to resolve the problems with products and it's consumers.  VERY BAD BUSINESS.  I tell everyone I see interested in this brand to not purchase anything they have.  Yes their prices are a little bit cheaper than others and you get what you pay for,  but with this company you don't even get half of what you paid for!