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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: Son Nguyen ,


My ps4 gotten urinated on by my friends dog


Like the question title says:

My friend dog "accidentally" !#^&@@ on top   off the ps4 and the dog !#^&@@ was all over the console. Little that we know that. I powerd on the ps4, all I hear was a zapped sound coming from the ps4. I went to check and seem some type of water like near the system and at that time not knowing where it came from. I'm like telling myself omg I might fried the ps4. Yeah, it was a crucial feeling. Ps4 smelled burn too and like wee wee. Was hurt by it. I know funny right!

But I wanted know how can I fix this problem or where to start?

Anything helps and thank you for your time.


PlayStation 4