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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: Jeff ,


Two points really from my experience and I have had many of the pens as has my wife, one of which has a bearing on the second: 1) don't let your pen run out of charge and don't use it at full brightness ( I use mine at 10%), 2) if you buy a used one, beware that it probably is not functioning again if the battery has gone dead - enquire about the screen before purchasing and make sure you can return it if it isn't. It seems that it is a function of battery and battery type. The new ones that I have purchased and if they fail, Livescribe replaces without question but the supposed BNIB on ebay - beware. I did read a blog where the guy replaced the screen but you realy have to be a electronic engineer and have small hands and good eyesight! I agree, too bad there isn't more competition as the concept is exceptional for my work.