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We purchased the LMX25964 by LG and had it delivered 02/01/2011.   Last year it got quite noisy at night and we had a repairman look at it.  He warned of some Class Action Suits against LG and the Sealed System specifically.  We were told to call LG and demand replacement.  He suggested you must know and discuss the Sealed System as if it was some hidden response to avoid motherboards and other expensive repairs that wont resolve.

LG offered, reluctantly, to cover the Sealed System under warranty but we would need to pay over 400.00 in labor.   We had an extended warranty that expired at the 4-year mark.   We decided to deal with the sound and reset the temps slightly higher as per LG's recommendation.   That got us -3- months.

As of this past week the ice cream and waffles started to get soft.   The ice maker would no longer make ice, even though the reset button worked and showed power.   The fridge itself is cool and seems to be working properly.  We pulled the backing and very little dust on the coils and fan moving freely.   Pulled plug for 30 minutes to "reset" as suggested.   The tank is extremely warm to touch.   All other components look new with no discoloring or fraying around wires etc.   The unit is a great big paperweight that has led the life of luxury and yet failed early.

This was a two thousand dollar investment and last LESS than 6 years.   LG was so uncaring and unresponsive that we will never use this brand again.   Lets hope their dryer/washer combo lasts a little longer.   Poor company with even poorer product line.   I wish I could literally dump it on their front lawn.