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Hi Joseph,

I had a a1286 do something similar after pulling my hair out for hours, I decided too bake the board in an oven to fix any cold soldering joints.

Here are the steps I took:

Removed logic board

Cleaned logic board with 100% Alcohol

I then added No clean Flux to the components on the board

Then I baked the Board for 30 min at 385 degrees Fahrenheit

Let it cool in the oven till oven is cool to touch

Then I did it one more time

Cleaned the board

reinstalled the board and whatever issue there was it fixed.

I saw that you put in a new logic board new logic boards can still have bad solder joints.

The Fact that resetting the SMC and PRAM fixes it temporarily seems to point out an issue with one of the chips so maybe oven method will help.

Hope it helps