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Wow! you guys got 4, 5, and 6 years!! Got my LG LSXS26326S around 10/2014. went to get some ice cream last night, but was only pudding! as of 1/24/2018 freezer isnt cooling. 3 years?!?! Really? $1500 + tax on special. Now I know why it was on special!

I can fix whatever is wrong. I have gauges, vacuum pump, degrees in electronics and auto tech, but why the f**k is a $1500 refrigerator not working after 3 years?!?!

As another person said, their are 30 year old units still working! I used to do maintenance for an apartment complex, and when the ice makers went bad they had to throw out the whole unit, so I have three spare working friges in the garage. (in case your wondering if they rented it with a 'feature' and it breaks it has to be replaced, or repaired. its the law, and repair is expensive on old units) Anyway, these units are kenmore probably  from the 90's STILL WORKING! Just no ice maker LOL!

I feel luckier than others, I could have lost $400 worth of food! Glad I had a place to put it! Was going to sell them for $50! LOL!

One thing I read on here was about packing it full of food. I JUST dressed a deer the day before, and packed all three lower shelves full. Now im wondering if that isnt what set it off.

Oh well. Thanks for this page. I wish I had read it BEFORE I bought an LG !!!

Hopefully someone will read this page, and take it as a cautionary tale!