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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: James E Stack ,


It appears from the number of people with the same or similar problems with LG appliances that at least the refrigerators that are the subject of the above complaints are defective, and from the blogs I have seen, it also sounds like all LG appliances are defective junk.  Despite this history, retailers operating in America are still selling this junk - and for premium prices.  My LG 3-door refrigerator that cost $3,192.00 plus tax and delivery - sold to me separately from an LG stove and an LG dishwasher also purchased at the same time from Home Depot - was less than 6 years old when it completely stopped cooling in late 2017.  I believe the warranty on this refrigerator is 1 year for labor and 7 years for most parts, with the compressor having a 10-year warranty.  We have had 3-4 visits from an LG-authorized technician who has tinkered with the refrigerator but not yet repaired it and who last ordered 3 parts that all appear to be either tubing or small valves that collectively have taken 2 months to arrive.  The 3 parts are now received and sitting on top of the non-working refrigerator waiting for the next tech visit , which is scheduled in yet another week or so. However, the last technician reported to her superiors, as we were told by the repair company that she reflected in her notes (yes, she was a female who appeared to be about 60 years of age), and also told us before she left our house, that the compressor was "locked." The compressor is in fact dead as a door knob--not running at all--yet no one at the LG-authorized repair service can confirm that any effort to repair or replace the compressor will be made at the currently scheduled  next repair visit, which means that we will likely complete yet a third month with the LG refrigerator completely down and useless. Neither LG nor Home Depot have provided any responses to calls for help (although a Home Depot employee  did say in my last telephone call to Home Depot that he was "very sorry" and that he had called LG and LG had told him they would call us.  No from LG has called, but no one else needs to call us. They just need to actually FIX this refrigerator. I am of the opinion after reading these answers that if my refrigerator ever works again, it won't be for long.  I am probably going to look into filing suit as I feel entitled to a full recovery, which I feel means a brand new refrigerator of another manufacturer than LG,  especially knowing that LG, and more than likely Home Depot, have known about these issues with LG-manufactured or sold products for some time and yet both continue to sell defective merchandise to the unknowing public.