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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: jean-pierre renault ,


I checked witH Pc Richard  and they told me Card is fine before calling Blu   Blu asked me to withdraw my SIM card for Imea # which I did .put it back as it was then saw on my screen Insert sim which was inserted   so withe the Blu person on my there phone she told me to take it out put it back we did it 3 times   never worked  . told me to call my provider Simple mobile  to check why the service was unavailable ..Billing was ok no problem  told me to take of the SIM card again ( which will be the 7 th time since  Pc Richard visit)   it did not work so I ask him what to do buy and other SIM card   and I questioned if I buy a new card an problem not solved  It si my phone?  and what about the san disk 32 gb card ??