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Turns out the issue was a bad Harmonic Balancer. When I first heard the news I thought, okay those are a cheap part and cheap fix, well... you realy need to buy the full kit that includes the serpentine belt and tensioners. Best price I found was about $160. The repair shop quoted $183 so I let him buy the part so I could get the part warranted by the repair shop. If your car is older like mine (just reaching 100,000 miles) and you have not replaced your timing belt and water pump I suggest doing all 3 of these at once. A reputable service shop will not screw you on the labor. They also pointed out that all my hoses are original and are showing signs of age cracks so I am having them do that as well. At Lambs Automotive here in Austin I am looking at $1100 for everything mentioned including an oil change and State Inspection which is due in January. All this added to the other repairs conducted in the last 2 years my 14 year old car should be good for another 100,00 miles.