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I would expect it to be the screen but in an iPhone of that age I would test the battery as well. A new battery is not just because the old one wont retain charge but also can solve issues that are unexpected and if your iPhone 6 still has the original battery then a new one can only improve lifetime of a a charge as worst case for fitting it so no negatives to trying.

In regards to the headphone jack. Does the headset connect fully or does it feel like it wont go all the way in and click. if the lightning jack and main speaker and mic are working it could simply be dust build up. use a pair of ESD safe tweezers to clean out both ports and if you can get isopropyl wipes wrap ones round the end of one of the tweezer points it will help clean the dir out. If you see a lot of dirt come out and the headset jack connects properly then all it was was dirt that was causing that issue.

I think we a new battery you may even find the old screen is fine.

As for the bracket. The 6 screen cables have a decent length and as long as the housing does not have any bends or twists in it I have never known the metal bracket to do more than be a reassurance. The tracks were introduced because on the iPhone 3 and 3s the Lcd and touch connector would pop off if the phone was dropped. But the 6 was well designed in this regard and is no pressure is there due to bends or twists then the connectors are strong enough even if the phone drops. The fact that the problem was worse with a shield could mean you were using the wrong screws they may look the right size but even 0.01mm difference and it can cause issues. See the guide on fixit for precise screw sizes to use.