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We have sold Blu Phones for about 18 months, following 12 years of selling Nokia, Blackberry, Motorola, Sony, LG, Samsung, and Apple.  When a customer asks me for the cheapest smartphone option I quickly show them the $85, $99, and $149 Blu options.  Before I continue detailing the Blu phones, I always pause, mention the $149 Moto G, and wait for the inevitable question from the customer: "Which do you think is more reliable?"

My answer is always the honest one.  I have never had a customer return a defective Motorola Moto G - ever.  I general, defect rates across all our phone brands hover around 1%.  Our Blu phones (3-5 models at any one time) have an average 5% defect rate.  Half of those returned come back with bad SIM card readers, which is a component soldered to the motherboard during manufacturing.

They are not bad phones, and you can get some good features for the price, but never consider them to be as reliable as the classic brands.