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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: Tom Shafer ,


Yes, the Epson default color scheme/formula/plan (whatever its called) needs  a touch of blue in its BLACK.

A different color scheme will often combine (different amounts) of colors.  No two schemes are the same.

I especially like the H-P printer setup asking "what color grey"...   I didn't know grey was a color. What is it called - light black ?

When you print something, check the defaults where you chose B&W, for the scheme Epson "VIVID" (I think thats the name) and change it to something else.   My WorkForce is set to use "RGB-color" and prints with the blue-black.       My H-P Laser is "sRGB"  something different than regular RGB???   The H-P black is much finer resolution, but not as dark as Epson's blue-black.

I also notice the Epson leafy green (blue+yellow), different than H-P  grass-green (blue+yellow+black).

Considering all of todays printer choices;   I'm afraid plain-old-B&W is no longer vogue.

I have an old LaserJetIII that blasts Black on white paper.  Thats it.