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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: Tyler Stairs ,


Why does my Xbox one no longer sync to controllers?


So a couple weeks ago my Xbox did this weird thing out of nowhere where it would just start trying to sync to a controller like you were pressing the sync button on it’s side. And believe it or not, I wasn’t touching the sync button or anything. About a week ago I had noticed that it had stopped doing it because honestly I was just gonna live with it, so long as I could still play my Xbox normally. Well, today I decided I wanted to try out a little bit of PC gaming and I wanted to use a controller. So I used a micro USB cord to plug my controller into my pc and went on about my time. When I went to plug my controller back into my Xbox, like I normally do because I prefer to play with a cord connected to my Xbox instead of buying batteries all the time, it didn’t work and I noticed that the sync button on the side of my Xbox no longer works and now I’m stuck here with an Xbox that won’t sync and I’ve tried contacting Xbox support but I keep losing contact with them.


Xbox One