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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: Carl fuller ,


First don't ever power on a board with a known bad socket .the pins can be repaired ,as well as socket replaced for $80.00  . Personally I repair the pins in that shape take a good magnify  glass or stereo microscope and it's important to view the pins at all 4 angles to insure the proper direction to bend them (they will bend very easy ) take your time and DON'T USE TWEEZERS OR ANY CLAMPING TOOL   I advise against the hyper dermic needle  as its more apt to twist the hook that contacts the pad on cpu but some cases would be useful  genral a plastic tool from cell phone screen replacement kit work well and push the pin from the base if possible rest the tool and your hand on the pci rail or another place so not to shake it is much easier then people think if you take your time and look down the rows in all directions KNOW EXACTLY WHAT DIRECTION THE PIN NEEDS BENT ,avoid twisting the pins as having to straighten them (twisted pins ) are near impossible to straighten but can still be aligned to touch the pad AGAIN look down the rows for alignment and if it's a complete failure then pay the 80 bucks and have it replaced here ( It's not going to hurt to try depending on how bad you want it fixed and common sense after all its not working now HOWEVER MAKE DAM SURE EVERY SINGLE PIN IS PERFECT BEFORE YOU EVEN THINK OF TRYING IT PERIOD ) GOOGLE CPU SOCKET REPAIR/REPLACEMENT  make sure it's the site that says they send your socket back to you and REPLACES THE SOCKET ....Sincerely carl (Repairanydevice@gmail.com )