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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: Ro og Rolig ,


Hi Paul, I believe I had the exact same problem with the exact same laptop and found your post when looking for better solutions than mine...

Anyway, what I did is to disassemble the laptop: first the back panel that slides off after you remove the 3 screws, then to open the rest of the chassis you will have to remove all the other screws you can see, the hard disk, the fan, unplug the keyboard and remove the dvd reader).

At this point I found out that the screws that keep the hinge in place had torn out the plastic around them and came free.

My current solution was to loose the hinge (you can do it easily with a small wrench, just unscrew a bit the bolt on the side) and reassemble everything. Now the hinge does not force the chassis open anymore, but the screen is held in place only by the other hinge.

Not ideal, I know, that's why I was looking for other solutions.