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I had this very issue and spent six hours on the phone with Apple and they couldn't fix it  ...but here is what I discovered and it  worked to clear up the issue.  First, see if the iPod works on a different computer without automatically going to "OK to Disconnect".  If it doesn't, it may have issues.   If it does, you need to perform a "Restore" (not a reset) on your 6th Gen Nano.  This will wipe out any tunes on the iPod, but you said you don't like the ones on it anyway.  Once the Restore is complete, first and foremost, tell it NOT to automatically sync to iTunes on the registration screen that pops up immediately after the restore by unchecking the related box.  Then, be sure to Rename the iPod.  That's the fix that worked for me, so hope you have the same results.  For instructions on how to perform a Restore, go to www.apple.com/support     and type in "Restore Nano 6th gen" in the Support page Search box in the upper right corner of the screen.  That will bring up instructions on how to do the Restore.  Good Luck!