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If you haven't upgraded it will tell you on the box.

If you have (or not kept box) go to the  menu in the top corner of the screen and select about this mac.

If you have the feature Expose you have '''minimum''' panther (10.3)

If you have spotlight in your top right corner it is '''minimum''' Tiger, also if you have Automator it will be at least Tiger (10.4). 

If you can press spacebar when selecting a photo, music, movie, document e.t.c, and view a preview (Quicklook) then you have '''minimum''' leopard (10.5).

If you have several windows of one application open and click and hold the application icon in the dock; if all the windows appear in Expose you have Snow Leopard (at time of writing) '''maximum''' (10.6). However, this seems unlikely as Snow Leopard requires an Intel processor)