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RE: Purpleghost980  and others

Here is how the system works (in general)

1) Plugging in a USB device will trigger the auto-configuration on the PC to detect the device type and ther information.  In order for this part to work, the USB interface on the device must work.

2) Once the device is detected, additional information is requested about the device. Kind, size, etc.

3) If the device is a disk, then the controller card attached to the device is queried to get device specific information.  Realize that by this time, the device has already begun and potentially completed its self test.

4) Assuming the controller card works as expected, the device information is sent along to the PC and the device appears to the user with its information (device type and size for example).

5) When you attempt  to access the disk, the controller will then attempt to read the appropriate information from the disk.  If the disk can be read, great.  If not, then an error will appear much like what has been reported here.

The bottom line is that there are many possibilities that can cause the symptom of “not appearing” to the user.  In regards to not hearing the device spin:  The device CAN appear on the Windows machine even without spinning since the controller will acknowledge its existence to the computer.  This is step 2 above and does not involve accessing the actual drive itself.

Hope this helps,