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Firmware Issue preventing any OS from being installed


This is a continuation from my previous question: [post|503574]

The original Apple SSD is toast. So we need a replacement; no idea what OS it was running beforehand.

Have tried a replacement NVME drive and adapter with a USB High Sierra installer but the installer would always fail and restart.

(As stated in previous question)

I have now bought an NVME drive and adapter with High Sierra preinstalled, but it cannot boot into it.

I have tried booting into into internet recovery mode, but it refuses to accept my wifi password. Ironically, I was able to get into recovery mode a few days prior, but that was when I only had the NVME plus adapter plugged in and nothing was shown in disk utility.

I have now plugged an external drive into the other USB port and installed the original OS Mavericks from a USB installer (it may have been mountain lion, but that shouldn’t matter) on the external drive.

While in Mavericks on the external, I tried connecting to the internet, every time it says connection timed out when verifying password. I connected to a different slower network finally. I tried updating it to High Sierra, and got an error message about a firmware problem.

I then read online about firmware problems, and it said I need the OEM SSD inside it to perform the update. As the original one is toast, I took an Apple SSD out of my 2015 MacBook Air (should still work, this is a 2013) and tried installing Mavericks there.

The Apple SSD doesn’t even appear, I thought this was because it was still APFS, so I booted into the High Sierra installer and formatted the drive as Journaled and restarted. It STILL wouldn’t appear in Mavericks Disk Utility.

I am at a loss. I have already ran ASD and it found NO problems. Upon booting while holding the d key (with the toasted drive in it, and with the new name drive and adapter) it only says that something may be wrong with the storage device.

I know that all Mac’s undergo a necessary firmware update for the new APFS protocol when upgrading to High Sierra, but how can I possibly do it??



MacBook Air 11" Mid 2013