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Another thing you can try: Boot your computer with a Linux Live disk, and then plug in the drive.  Linux might be able to read the drive.

When I say “Boot with a Linux Live disk”, what I mean is, go to one of the Linux websites (e.g. [http://www.linuxmint.com|www.linuxmint.com]), download one of the current install files (one of the .ISO files), and then create a Linux install DVD with that .ISO file.  Now boot the computer from the DVD you just created.  Doing this won’t install anything to your computer (unless you specifically tell it to), so this is a very safe method of running Linux on your computer.

Once in Linux Live, you can go to the Linux File Manager (it is probably called “Thunar”), then plug in your external drive to see if Linux can read it.  If it can, then you can copy everything from it to another place.